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"Doing Life Better" Series Chat: Herbs, Connectivity, & Experimentation

October 8th, 2020 : Mincey uses her expertise to shed light and open your eyes on ways to maximize your routine in and out the kitchen solo, with your family, and definitely with your lover(s) this Thursday. Hope you tuned in! Here's a short recap.

Lovely You blog founder Natasha Smith has invited professional culinary artist, Ashley Mincey to be a guest on her new weekly series "Doing Life Better".

Mincey's first interview of the year did not disappoint, and she did not hold back.

I. Herbs: So many people are stepping up their green thumb, but do you know how to use the herbs you're growing?

Savory: Easy to use in this application with animal and plant-based proteins. Consider dill on salmon in the Savory Brunch Class on October 18th. Rosemary and sage on poultry. Thyme on mushrooms. Fresh mint in your tea or salad. Basil in your salads or even the celery tops- chop them up like parsley. Herbs are great for digestion and if you tap into more research around roots, you'll be sure to unlock a whole new level to optimal gut health as well.

II. Connectivity

Solo: Mindful eating- take a moment to just tap in to what's on your plate. Legit just you a the food. Switch where you have your meal or swap what you're doing when you're eating. To all my parents: it's okay that you might sneak in the car for a meal ;-)

Paired: Schedule a dinner date. Attend a class as a way to feel up on your partner and get close. Admire them working. Celebrate each other working together. Eliminate judgement by giving each other tasks in the kitchen where you'll excel during class. Or encourage each other when doing something new.

Be spontaneous and send your partner or someone you're courting a scheduled brunch date to their phone. Pay for your tickets. Get dressed up, and once class is done, enjoy the meal over FT.

Mincey never hesitates to share that the sauces from her Sweet Brunch class especially are so good they deserve to be licked off of someone's body. Explore how food can be explored in sensual ways. (Ladies, protect your pH! haha) Tap back into seducing your partner- hell or yourself lol

Family: Schedule a FT sesh with your loved ones or a video conferencing celebration.

III. Experimenting

Take a cooking class that you would have never taken. Dough can be so intimidating, but the attendees have expressed that Mincey's teaching style is incredible. One of her students has taken every class she has to offer after taking the pizza class. If there's anything we've learned, this time is about finding your way through the unpredictability of the current times. Dance class. Writing class. Painting class. Cooking class. Sign Language class. Experiment with what might bring you some joy and peace.

Don't consider it escaping, but an additional tool you have that you can use when you're anxious, sad, excited, nervous, curious, and/or overwhelmed. Of course, sometimes you can always just take a nap. And if you dream about any of the dishes actually talked about today, she doesn't blame you.

Sign up for her upcoming classes here! Have an idea for a class you would like Mincey to host, let her know here! Just scroll down to the inquiry box and fill it in.

Huge thanks to Natasha Smith, founder of Lovely You Blog for having Ashley as your guest today!


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