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Top 9 Kitchen Gifts to Keep Them Smiling!!

Struggling to figure out what to get the resident cook extraordinaire?? Does the baker of the house need some inspo?? Let's dive into some kitchen must-haves that will elevate their game, and keep them smiling!

Happy Holidays! I've linked the products I have in my own kitchen to make your shopping experience easier. None of this is sponsored. So please do note that as a beginning Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Great for quickly blending soups or making individual portion of sauces and salsas. The one I have comes with a small food processor, and the blender stick is RECHARGEABLE!

Yes; it is time. Here are a few to check out.

Great for making flavored salts, sugars, and curries. Bloom and toast whole spices prior to cooking with them to really awaken and amp up the oils released. The fragrance will perfume the air like you're walking the aisles of a zouk in Marrakesh. Coffee grinder will work wonders too.

The one I own goes with my outdoor pizza oven, so the one I attached is similar in style and size. It just may be time to gift my most popular Neapolitan Pizza at-home Guide!

I have three. 2 regular size food scales, and the third is called a jewelry scale. This one can weigh an item or an ingredient down to the .1 gram and .01 ounces.

If the baker of your life has a passion for pastries, they absolutely MUST have food scales. These will make sure their desserts come out precise and consistent each time. If you're reading this for you too, and you're ready to get into tarts, macaron, candy, entremets, mousses, or looking to start an at-home bakery, this is the time to invest in yourself and your product.

The perforated edges allow for even cooking and browning during the bake. The fillings and toppings are endless. They will feel so accomplished when they have a whole holiday display full of individual tarts for the family. Making individual tarts also leaves room for more creativity and customization.

7. Torch

Where are my pyromaniacs at! If you're still brûléeing the top of your tarts with the broiler, it is time to come to the torched side. The caramelization will happen swiftly. It will provide the restaurant quality shatter you're looking for, and it will make you feel like A BOSS!

Make sure you read the whole manual for your safety. Guess what? The manual also comes with recipes! Bing-bong winner!

8. Quality Ingredients

Invest in your ingredients and the taste will be a completely new experience.

Vanilla Bean Paste (larger jar)

Vanilla Bean Paste (smaller jar)

9. Small Business Owners doing BIG Deals!

For any business owners, needing an efficient way to print mailing labels for their business: ROLLO is a great product for a team with 1-5 employees. Small, compact with an incredibly easy setup, and I've enjoyed how much it has facilitated the packaging process.

Awesome! Thanks so much for checking these out and happy gifting!


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