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Blistered Jalapeño Basil Cream

Basil Leaves

Versatile & Fast

I want to slatherrrrrrrr this on my next grilled cheese or risotto; have it with my next steak or chicken pasta.

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Blistered Jalapeño Basil Cream Sauce 

I was supposed to make 4 different types of pizza one day. This was the first pizza I made, and I was asked to make the next 2 the same way with even more jalapeños. Talk about APPROVED. This symbol            denotes an affiliate link. If you purchase from the site, I earn a small commission. Let's dive into the very forgiving "recipe".






2-3 jalapeños (pre-slice some fresh jalapeño as a topping for your dish/pizza before broiling)

vegetable oil 

10 fresh basil leaves (if you have some parsley, you could use that in this application as well) 

1 cup heavy whipping cream (SWAP for coconut cream, to make dairy free and plant-based)

start with 1/4 tsp nutmeg, pepper, 1/2 tsp. salt 


1. Line a baking dish with foil. Drizzle 2 jalapeños with vegetable oil until evenly coated.

2. Place the jalapeño under the broiler until it is blistering. After one side has blistered, carefully turn the peppers over. Repeat for the other side. Turn your broiler off when finished.

3. Remove the stems. Dice half a blistered jalapeño as a topping.

4. Control the heat level by the amount of seeds you add to the blender/food processor.

5. Blend the remaining blistered jalapeño and all remaining ingredients together. Salt to taste. Check out the IG video so you can see how thick my sauce was when I added it onto my pizza. 



 Immersion Blender similar to the one I have            


If you have trouble scraping everything out your blenders, try out these Amazing Blender/Food Processor Spatulas to get in all the grooves of a blender







***Learn your palate. You want it to be more herbaceous- add more basil. You want it spicier- add more of the jalapeño seeds. You want it to have more earth undertones- add truffle or dried mushroom umami seasoning along with the nutmeg.

For pasta as soon as the chunkier ingredients are broken down, you're set. For the pizza, I kept blitzing/blending the sauce in my mini food processor until it was thicker like a fluffy spread. Pay attention to the audial cues also. As it thickens, the blending sound will change. 


Heat Tolerance Guide:

-Flavor, no heat

Add the pepper without seeds

-Minimal heat

Pepper with half the seeds: 


Pepper with all the seeds PLUS SLICED, fresh jalapeños on top of the pizza


Shrimp Jalapeño Popper Pizza: Sauce. Cheeses. Diced raw shrimp if going in your pizza oven. Parcook the shrimp, if just going in the regular oven. Finish by adding chopped bacon, fresh basil, more grated parm, diced broiled jalapeños, and sliced jalapeños

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