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Hello, November!

Here we go, so you know what's next up in November for Ashley Mincey, top 3 MasterChef finalist of Season 9!

Saturday, November 10th, the Grid-Iron Grill Off welcomes Ashley as a judge for this year's incredible and charitable event! Miami Dolphins' legend, John Offerdahl and his wife, Lynn Offerdahl have done it again! They effortlessly combine their passion for philanthropy and football in one of South Florida's most anticipated events, the "Grid Iron Grill-Off Food, Wine, & Music Festival" presented by University of Miami's Health Clinic at Walgreens.

Next weekend, Pompano Beach amphitheater will be full of Dolphin legends battling it out on the grill competition style, Hard Rock concert series by iconic musical talents, a silent auction raising funds for the Offerdahl Scholarship Fund, a tailgate party hosted by Tito's Vodka, and a corn hole competition!

Here's the great opportunity to have some fun and meet Ashley as she will be one of the celebrity judges for the grand grill-off! 22 high-end restaurants pair with 22 Miami Dolphin legends to tackle the grill and serve a deliciously creative food pairing for their dish with either a wine or signature cocktail.

The Grand Grill-Off will be from 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm and the closing ceremonies and corn hole finals will be from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm. Click here to join Ashley in VIP!

Click here to see the whole schedule for the festival

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