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Two "W"s in one night on MasterChef- No Chance!

Envie by Mincey creator, Ashley Mincey, is representing her birth town of Opa-Locka in this newest season of MasterChef! Her apron battle aired on June 6th, on FOX, and had everyone on the edge of their seats.

She and 4 other home cooks had to prepare a spicy dish to battle for 2 of the last spots, aprons, and mentors of the season. Ashley followed her sweet tooth and decided to throw down with a spicy brownie in the hopes that would edge out her other competitors, and gain enough respect from with Aaron or Gordon to gain her a spot in the Top 24. Luckily it worked! Juni Cuevas with his vegetarian spin on Poblanos Rellenos earned his pin from Chef Aaron. Meaning with only one apron left, thee Gordon Ramsay was enamored with Ashley's spicy spin, and handed over his last apron for her to wear on this journey.

Gordon Ramsay became Ashley's mentor last night on this season 9 of MasterChef, and was convinced he made the right decision by allowing her to represent his name once he tasted her Mojo Pork Tenderloin dish. The first Mystery Box Challenge each of the Top 24 had to cook a dish in 60 minutes using an ingredient that represented their home states. Florida natives lifted up their boxes to Florida oranges, and went forth down the aisle of seafood and pork.

In the end, not only was Ashley chosen by her mentor for top 3, along with Farhan (Illinois; walleye filet) and emily (Wisconsin; cheese), she was picked as the very first Mystery Box winner challenge. Chef Ramsay stated, "I was 100% correct in handing you that apron" right before telling her to head up to the balcony (the safest place in the kitchen!).

We can't wait to see what she has to offer the rest of the MasterChef competition! Tune in next week, Wednesday June 13th, 8 pm on FOX, as the contestants claw their way to the balcony after a skills challenge using west coast favorite:

Dungeness Crab!

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