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On The Heels Of The Storm, How To Cook Everything In The Fridge

Hey y'all! So, I had this whole week mapped out with blog posts about cleansing and hot spots to eat at in Miami, but IRMA said "Nah, try again. This my week now." Lo' and behold, those topics absolutely do not match my current environment.

As my family and I have been preparing for Irma's "arrival", my cleansing has since ended (Sept. 1st - 3rd), and we've shifted into 4th gear with getting the house ready. We're from here, but hello, our last Cat.5 was Andrew- no games.

My ideas have transitioned as well, and here are 5 quick ways to not be

<-- this guy, but instead

be SUPER resourceful with what remains in your fridge, decrease food waste, and enjoy this time with your family as CATEGORY 5 stress levels rise with Irma on our heels.

1. Make a Hash

Chop and crisp up leftovers

Dice up some leftover chicken and vegetables (with or without potatoes). Heat up some vegetable oil on high heat. Throw everything in. Let everything kinda just relax in one layer to get some nice caramelized bits moments. Re-season. Toss around. Back in one layer. Let everything cook through. Dinner is FINITO!

2. Stir Fry That Thang Up "con arroz"

Rice + Mixins + Egg

Heat up vegetable oil on high heat. Start off this time by adding some leftover rice into the pan. Key is in the name "STIR"! Keep at it. Push the rice to perimeter. Add the chopped mix-ins (meat protein and vegetables) into the center. Add an additional teaspoon of oil. STIR! After the center cooks through. Season (see below). Combine everything. Crack an egg in the center on high heat. STIR!

Dinner is FINITO!

My go-to seasonings for Asian flavor ranging from Thai-Chinese-Indian:

1. Soy sauce or fish sauce

2. Minced garlic and/or ginger

3. Onions or onion powder ... curry paste or curry powder


3 packets of duck sauce stashed in the drawer or 1-2 tbsp. hoisin sauce.

Honestly with where I'm from this should just be the "con arroz" section, but they'll live. If you want to go the Latin route, then add cumin, adobo, garlic, and paprika. Bam!

3. Quesadillas, Street Taco Bar, or subs

Basically, meat, vegetables, and a edible vessel to hold it all- albeit tortillas or bread.

Shred/Chop and reheat chicken.


Reheat the ground beef/burgers/meatballs. Chop up.

For Quesa-dillas! : Crisp up the tortillas in a pan. Sprinkle with cheese while heating. Add leftover meat protein or vegetables. Top it with the other side. Flip over. FINITO!

For Street Taco Bar: Chop up onions and cilantro and limes. Of course if you have. The key is not to add to the fridge especially in the case the power goes out. Swap cabbage for lettuce and add beans and diced tomatoes, if you want the Tex-Mex style taco bar instead.

Smoothies Galore!

4. Smoothies!

Blend it up. Just swap out "rake" for "blend" from Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj hit, and you got a snap shot into my head as I write.

Don't know what to do with your frozen fruits and ice creams, and don't want to lose them especially if you KNOW you're in a target zone for the hurricane...

TIME TO BUST OUT THE BLENDER! Family milkshake night... Hmm... Smoothie party since everybody is off work and school. NOW, what you can also do is make smoothies and shakes ahead of time. Pour them in cups. Cover with plastic wrap. Boom! You lose electricity- no panic because you know the first thing to start eating.

Got shakshuka?

Now, last on the agenda...

5. Get Sauce-y

ADD sauce, broth, or stock to revamp leftovers.

1. Leftover Chicken.

ADD marinara & cheese = Chicken Parm

Slice. ADD heavy cream, mozz, parmesan = Chicken alfredo

2. Meatloaf.

ADD chopped w/ tortellini to broth = Italian wedding soup

Slice. Heat. Top w/ pesto & mozzarella

= Italian Meatloaf Sandwich

3. Vegetables.

Chop. Saute. Season.

ADD marinara and pasta = Pasta Primavera

Chop everything. ADD to stock. Season. Vegetable soup.

Chop. Saute. Season.

ADD marinara, oregano, and black pepper. Bring to a boil.

Make small dips in the pan. Crack an egg per hole. Cook.

= Shakshouka

4. Lasagna.

Slice --> Sear and recreate that corner piece

ADD more sauce. Revamped.

Whoa!!!! Feel like I just played a game on The Price is Right.

Don't be Issa! And if you have leftovers in your fridge, don't throw them away! Follow through with some of these ideas, OR let me know what's good! I clearly have mad ideas, and I'll think something up :-* Besos.

And with all seriousness to everyone in FL, be safe and stock up on water, non-perishables, and flashlights.

If you are ever in an evacuation area, take pictures of your house and belongings, find your insurance policy, and GET OUT! (non-Peele version)

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