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She Did What to Her Bread Pudding?

So, I was feeling wild. And when I'm feeling wild and my creative juices are flowing, I do crazy things during recipe development time!

I completed this dish for a coffee contest, and called it my "Mayan Coffee Bread Pudding. Do you know what I used?

Take a guess.

1. No, no just bread.

2. No, not croissants and their buttery goodness.

3. ... Okay, fine. Scroll down, do you see what I see?

Yesssss hunty! Churros! What, no she didn't! Yes, I did !

It felt like one of those heaven opening- cloud separating moments of "I have got to try this." And I did. So, next time you have some day old churros, swap them out for at least half of the bread for a delicious cinnamon and textured addition. BTdubs, I sprinkled them with cayenne pepper, and the additional surprise heat was bomb!

Enjoy! Share or message any other crazy bread pudding epiphanies you've had or seen. Crave on.

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