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Spanish Gone Wild: Baking Edition

This has been such an incredible day for so many reasons. Here is reason #2...

No, no.... not the title or award silly.

At 10 o'clock this morning, I found out my recipe was officially published in a cookbook y'allll!

Thank you Tarantas' Wines for hosting this contest, and for enjoying my recipe to the point where it earned First Place & Best Dessert!! Things ain't over yet.

I was awarded this title LAST YEAR, and the cookbook is finally released!! Access it below!

"We are delighted to present the award-winning recipes..."

They're talking about me in that statement :-D

(Milly Rocks around the kitchen)

ACCESS IT ALL HERE (Click the link)

#1 Flipbook style (volume on)


ACCESS IT ALL HERE (Click the link)

#2 PDF


December 15th, 2016 ...what a day you've been. Yassssss.

(And I'll keep reason #1 to myself haha)

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