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TOP 5! Bake Like a Pro Holiday Gifts

Work all week? Raise your hand!

Spend copious amounts of time on your comp? Raise your hand!

No gift ideas even though the holidays are in 2 WEEKS?

Raise yo' hand!

Love products with 4.4 stars or higher?? What about products with crazy positive reviews? Quality Products? Affordable costs?

Those are all reasons to keep reading and click on all the links below to SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP with my TOP 5! Bake Like a Pro Holiday Gifts! (Y'all remember that show?.... Anyone?)

Working all day is code for you need to become a dedicated online shopper! Hating long lines, being on the computer, getting a chance to read product reviews are all reasons as well.

SURPRISE #1- I have done the work for you! I am partnering with Amazon this holiday season to offer you the direct links below to perfect gift ideas that I have already researched and combed through for you. All the links AND PRODUCT PHOTOS will take you directly to the product where you can finally take it off your hubby/wife/bff/sister/brother/lover/friend's wish list!

Here we go!

And, if any of my friends are reading, I'll take another few cookbooks and a #4, please. :-) Absolutely, if you have any inquiries about these, email me at

Here we go!

My TOP 5! Bake Like a Pro Holiday Gifts

You're going to be so excited you made it to #5.


Top 1. KitchenAid Mixer Best Seller - SALE!!!! SALE!!!

Ou chillle! My Red KitchenAid is a sexy B.

Boss lady that is. She's the real suga' mama of the appliance family. Sexy Red, in the words of Ice Cube, is the real OG, Triple OG, of baking equipment. Every superstar needs one in their kitchen. The baker in your life, if it's not you already, will go through a Kafka-style Metamorphosis as soon as it is out of the box.

Originally $429.00!! Down over 40%!

The MINI (up top) cleverly named Hot Sauce is on $150 cheaper- it is adorable; 10 poppin' color options; and can make approx. 5 dozen cookies. Someone take advantage of these!

With over 40 gorgeous and unique colors to choose from, and its ON SALE right now via Amazon, this will be one of the happiest baker moments you can afford someone or yourself. Do it now! You won't regret it! One life to live and there's no living a pro baker life without one of these this holiday season. You get a KitchenAid! You get a KitchenAid! haha.


Top 2. Turntables

"They don't want us to enjoy this TOP 5. So, what we gotta do? Go after these TOP 5!" No this is not the gift to turn you into DJ Khaled. This turntable is the one I purchased to assist in my 9 layer ricotta creme filled espresso soaked vanilla birthday cake masterpiece (below).

So sturdy, check out my cake it held! Ain't she "purrrty".

If your significant other, mom, hubby, bestie, whomever loves baking cakes, they need a decorating turntable or maybe it's time for an upgrade.

Super sturdy. Lock and unlock feature. Easy rotation. 4.6 stars.

In case you want to check out some others, the second image/link below is a Wilton one (my first turntable). Around the same price, but perhaps you have a color preference. The third link is a monochrome Ateco stand that duo functions as a turner and a serving/presentation stand because of aesthetics.


Top 3. Food Scales

Looky here! In order to take those baking skills to the next level, you have to start measuring by weight not by VOLUME. If you are purchasing for someone else, do two things when you present the gift: 1) With a huge smile, tell him/her, "This is

something your favorite pastry chef has". 2) Tell them they're welcome!

I co-sign OXO products, but I must say I found the Ozer Pro Digital one discounted down from $40 bucks to $11; over 4.5 stars and over 10k reviews. She's always looking for a sale on a quality item, so I couldn't keep that one to myself.

To bake like a pro, there must be a food scale in the pantry readily available. Just take a second to think about your favorite baking show... I'll wait go ahead close your eyes... on every station is one of these beautiful gadgets. It's simply a must. Trust me, I literally can't wait to hear about all the success stories that are going to happen after my readers add these items to their repertoire.

Once you start using the scale, you'll want to sleep with it under your pillow. (Don't though because that's nasty lol) I say that because when you measure ingredients out by weight, no matter where you are as long as the numbers are the same, your end result will be way more consistently perfect.

I adore mine, and if you plan on doing a custom meal plan as your resolutions your trainer will be happy you already have one of these.


Top 4. Silpat / Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats

Macarons versus Macaroons! That is the debate.

Those delicate little cookies I'm sure immediately came to mind. When any pastry chef sees this in the kitchen, they'll know you're the truth, and you have a high concern for technique. These non-stick silicone mats are an industry leading product. They're in damn near every professional kitchen. You want to tap into your inner French chef de patisserie? This is where it's at.

Silpat company versus the non-stick silicone versions?

Full sheet versus half sheets?

Another reason I adore Amazon because I can search it all!

Top - Silpat from France, full sheet

Below - Silicone version (different brans) 4.8 stars; 578 reviews

I have the one from France, and most of you will say "Of course she does", but I will never highlight a product I wouldn't buy for myself.

Now for 5! Drum roll!

Ready to have your mind blown for 5 of 5.....

(I am my grandma's granddaughter, over here talking about some stories.)


Top 5. Literally, bring the PRO into the kitchen!

DAB on 'em real quick Dominique! Other great cookbooks for the season:

I knew I had to go to Dominique Ansel's Bakery from the very first moment I laid eyes on his infamous and iconic mash-up of the French classic croissant and the American filled donut- the CRONUT! He is a genius. He is inspiring, and even when I finally made it there, I was too late because they sell out so quickly. It was still worth it. I went twice missing both times, but purchased his divinely flaky Kouign Amann (IN THE BOOK), the whimsical cookie cup filled with vanilla steeped milk (IN THE BOOK), 2 decadent chocolate chip cookies (IN THE BOOK), a grapefruit panna cotta, and mango matcha airy dome.

Also, in the book are his cooked to order madeleines, meringues, macarons, and the iconic Cronut. This has inspired me to do a post dedicated to my cookbook library... Back to TOP 5. You made it!!!!!!! As I informed you earlier, there's a SECOND SURPRISE...




Sunday, a loyal subscriber will be chosen (computer generated random choosing) to win one of these sexy cookbooks below!!! I'm so hype. Who you know gets excited to give away something?! This woman, but you've earned it. Go subscribe.

These links really will allow you to explore the best holiday gifts that will be sent to your house in a timely fashion. Avoid the lines, and the crazy folks in the stores, and shop from at work on break or home while watching the game or the stories.

Write and tell me about your success stories with these products and what you made with them or even about the smile they put on your face. It takes additional work on my end, but trust me I enjoy taking away the stress of finding these professional baking tools. Ok, stop reading, and click above to start shopping if you haven't already! Ciao.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which I make a small commission on to pay for my giant grocery bill if you happen to purchase something.

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