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My Golden Ticket to World Food Championships 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Say What??! I would just like to thank the Academy... OK, seriously though I thank every competition "L" I took home this year because they made this "W" so much sweeter.

I won my Golden Ticket in the Taste of America 2016 challenge with my Triple M BBQ Baby Backs and Guava BBQ Sauce. This afforded me my 1st place spot to represent Florida at the World Food Championships 2016.

Triple M: Miami, Marion, and Mojo.

Miami- my hometown, the place that filled me with all kinds international food: Haitian, Cuban, Peruvian, West Indian, Indian, Japanese, etc. All that!

Marion- my grandmother, my angel, the woman who let me help her make her famous frozen cups. She taught me how to use my senses- not a measuring cup. You have to listen if you hear anymore sugar at the bottom of the bowl. This is where my love for cooking lies because this is how I really get down in the kitchen. Cook from your intuition.

Mojo- Everything gets marinated. Simple. Herbs. Citrus. GARLIC! and more Herbs. "Gon, gon, get you some!" Matterafact, don't. I'll just keep this little secret to myself. Turn up!

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