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Hi Wildcat! Lovely seeing you here!

New Class - Sept. 12th!

This past Saturday, Class 1975 to 2019 represented! 

Unable to attend? No problem! The guide is still available- Click here!

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Pizza Dough

About Class

Unlock Secrets to Mastering Neapolitan Pizza At Home

with Culinary Artist, Ashley Mincey '11

As we face two pandemics, I found myself needing a routine. The kitchen has always been therapeutic for me, and I found myself calm every time I made this dough. I made it so much, it led me to 20+ experiments of how to perfect it for home kitchens. Then, I thought with restaurant access so highly limited currently, what a great way to lead others in having more kitchen autonomy and spice up sheltering-in-place. This dough is utter perfection. Light & airy, thin crisp texture with a wonderful chew. You will impress yourself that it came from your hands and your oven with my guidance!

With any true, high quality dough, it needs rest, so schedule accordingly for class. No previous skill required. There are equipment requirements though including a stand mixer and a food scale. Everything else is explained in the 30-page guide, which you will receive with your course purchase! Look forward to helping you add this to your kitchen arsenal!





Event Featured on Davidson Alumni IG "Takeovers!" Highlights

(Highlights #18-26)

Keynote Speaker- Decision Davidson Weekend 2019

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