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II: Mastering the Art: Neapolitan Pizza for Home Kitchens!

Guide for Mastering Neapolitan Pizza for Home Kitchens!

II: Mastering the Art: Neapolitan Pizza for Home Kitchens!
II: Mastering the Art: Neapolitan Pizza for Home Kitchens!

Looking Forward to This!

Digital Guide

Neapolitan Pizza Party - Guide Only


Thank you for investing! TWO NEW SECTIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED AND new images! Tips on how to grill your pizza and tips on what to do if you are missing some crucial equipment are added to make this the SECOND Edition. I'm here to reveal a lot of secrets to success at Mastering Neopolitan Pizza for your home kitchen. I've taken the guess work off the table, so you can achieve success the very first time. 

Also, everyone who purchases the guide will continue to receive perks such as videos, additional virtual time with me, and I'll host contests specifically for this community.

It's important to follow the instructions I give. Take your time and measure the ingredients out carefully. 

Table of Contents:

Quick Background on Neopolitan Pizza

Equipment & Ingredients

Preparation Timeline

Dough Recipe & Instructions

Heat Management

Pressing & Stretching

Missing Equipment-HELP!

Assembly Tips

Sauce Recipes

Menu Ideas

Tips on Grilling

Making Smaller & Larger Batches

Trial Results

Terms' Breakdown

Thank You!

Neapolitan pizza is so special because across all backgrounds and ages, we all have incredible fond memories of our favorite pizza spot. It's time to unlock this next level of pizza-fandom in your household. It's 30 pages of love and includes loads of step-by-step pictures, 2 sauce recipes, menu ideas, equipment preferences along with trial results, tips on heat manangement and pizza assembly, and so on. 

Test out those skillz! You don't need any prior baking or cooking experience to achieve greatness. I have my Master's of Arts in Teaching, so that and my culinary expertise are joining forces to bring you this guide (and a free class if oyu decide to register later).

I can't wait for you to share all of your creations with me. The dough is so delicious and extremely achievable. With more practice, the stretching of the dough will seem less intimidating. It is still easier to do than you think. All you have to do is listen and follow my lead because I will definitely be walking you through not only making the dough, but how to get that thin crisp crust on the bottom.

Once you pay, you will receive a confirmation and a follow-up email including your new pizza guide to success! 

Once the guide is sent, no refunds will be allowed.

The guide explains everything including the specific equipment I have that worked the best. Not an ad or paid endorsement for any product in the guide.


  • Pizza Guide!

    You can purchase here through the website. There's a .33 cents service fee or CashApp $13.00 to $AMinceyBusiness for the guide.

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