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Trees From Above

We care deeply, so making this investment in our future, helps makes your path to indulgence that much sweeter.

CEO & Founder, Ashley Mincey



100% bio-degradable kraft packaging paper

100% recyclable mailer made of 50% recycled material:

**Cut out the shipping label and discard appropriately

Tissue paper is FSC Certified, made with Soy-free ink, and acid-free paper.

Multi-use Gusset kit

bag with handle to be repurposed as

brownie storage

Exciting News!



Access the baking instructions, exclusive videos and tips with our scannable QR code feature!


We have the pleasure of integrating this digital component to the packaging to avoid excessive use of paper and acid based ink in case there are printing errors or instructions need to be updated. We use a QR code and email communication so this way, with any iteration of the product, the instructions will always be up-to-date.


One of our chocolates is sourced from a company that tells us the origins of each chocolate they produce. They are a European chocolate company that understands, respects, highlights, and educates their clients on the importance and undeniable role West Africa plays in the production of all their chocolate from harvest to export. 


During the current times, our connection to others over food has drastically decreased.


We encourage the rekindling of safe connectivity to Self, to Others, and to Earth over this community's love of chocolate and brownies!


We hope you are able to treat yourself to our high-quality professional homemade dessert kit, bake for a neighbor or loved ones, and of course feel great about our commitment to this planet on which we live. 

Our customer relations are important to us- with our clients this product transforms into a tool for community building. We guide with respect; we expect that in return for our staff.


if you have an inquiry.

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