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1. Are these vegan? No, there's milk solids in one of the chocolates. Are these gluten free?      No. We are working on a gluten free option for a 2021 release.

2. Can I bake these in a 9x13" pan?      They will be extremely thin. I wouldn't recommend it. If you choose to do so any way, cut down on your time. 

3. The brownies stuck in the corners. Help?      Click here for tips, and make sure you are greasing your pan really well. 

4. How can I store my leftover brownies?      Great question. Wrap them individually, and place them back in the clear bag with the handle. We took care to make sure that it would not be a one-use plastic. 

5. Do these ship internationally?      Currently, no. Please email to which country you would like your purchase shipped. Let's discuss.

6. What's the return policy? Returns aren't permitted. Refunds also aren't allotted, but you may cancel your order for any reason prior to shipping. Email .

7. My chocolate gem might be melted some. Tips?      Place it in the fridge for 30 minutes. 

8. How should I bake these if I only have a counter top convection oven? Consult your appliance's manual. Convection ovens in general tend to not need as much baking time as conventional ovens and/or require a lower degree of heat. Using the toothpick "doneness" test at the end will always help guide you.

9. If I use the toothpick test for doneness should it be completely clean?     No. These are fudgyyyy and beautifully thick when you bake in the right size pan. There should still be some chocolate sexiness left on the toothpick, but it should not be liquid/batter-like at all. 

10. If I like cake-like brownies should I order these? No. To quote 2Chainz, these are 'quarantine thick'; they're not cake like in the slightest.

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