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Aug. 15th Pizza Class Only by Ashley Mincey (no guide)

Class + Ingredient List Only Please for Mastering Neapolitan Pizza for Home Kitchens!

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Looking Forward to This!

Aug 15, 2020, 1:00 PM EDT

Neopolitan Pizza Party at Home


Time to learn the secrets to making restaurant quality pizza from the comfort of your own home- and the class is Free! In celebration of it being my first class of the year. Neapolitan pizza is so special because across all backgrounds and ages, we all have incredible fond memories of our favorite pizza spot, especially right now where it's a bit harder to go out. Well, you need no prior baking or cooking experience to achieve greatness. I have my Master's of Arts in Teaching, so that and my culinary expertise are joiing forces to teach you virtually

A. Not only is it going to taste incredible, but you are going to seriously impress yourself! You will want to make it again, which will be exciting to see all the pizza you make or share. The dough is so delicious and extremely achievable. With more practice, the stretching of the dough will seem less intimidating. It is still easier to do than you think. All you have to do is listen and follow my lead because I will definitely be walking you through not only making the dough, but how to get that thin crisp crust on the bottom.

Neapolitan Pizza is broken up into 3 components: the dough, the toppings, and the heating environment (your oven). There are specific methods to each. You will learn at least one specific way for managing all three in the class as well. When you're ready to take a deeper dive into those and know all the tricks, make the guide your new best friend at any time. It is so helpful as it goes along with the class, and includes full breakdowns, 2 sauce recipes, future battle between #teamclassic or #teamadventure on the topping, and step-by-step pictures, so you know ahead of time what to expect. The guide is $12.50 and you can reference it over and over again. Table of Contents below.

REQS: In order to successfully participate in this class:

a hand mixer or a stand mixer with a dough hook

access to standard home oven

pizza pan or stone or cookie sheet

oven mitts (similar heat protectant gear)

a separate baking sheet or dish (to hold the dough as it rests)

and a food scale (g)

The guide explains everything including the specific equipment I have that worked the best. Not an ad or paid endorsement. 

It's important to follow the instructions I give. Take your time and measure the ingredients out. The essential ingredients you will need include: flour (type 00 or bread flour), yeast, water, salt, sugar 

You will have the opportunity to engage with me throughout video conferencing (such as Google Meet). There will also be time at the end for a Q&A.


Saturday, August 15th:

First session: 1-3 pm 

Second session: 530-6pm: The goal is to get everyone with at least one fully cooked pizza. Anyone who believes they have the hang of it, and once to do the rest of their pizza night with their family can exit, but I will stay on until anout 615-630 for a Q&A. 

In between sessions: you'll have time to get your toppings and sauces ready or clean to prep your counterspace for Stretchinggggg dough because it is going down (or up rather) :-) 

Did I mention the guide includes 2 sauce recipes and A LOT of procedure images? Plus pizza ideas, all the trial results on what worked and what didn't, along with if you want to make smaller or larger quantities. It will be impossible to share all of my knowledge in one session, so the guide became my love project to make sure even when I'm not on camera, you can achieve success that best fits your kitchen and equipment. 

So if you've decided you want to register under the class with the guide- yay congrats! Click back to that registration. Or if you just want to take the class at least once to get the hang of it? -yes, let's do this!

REGISTER so we can have a pizza party together from the comfort of our own homes! Make sure you get everything you need. 

30 pages- $13.00

Table of Contents:

Quick Background on Neopolitan Pizza

Equipment & Ingredients

Preparation Timeline

Dough Recipe & Instructions

Heat Management

Pressing & Stretching

Assembly Tips

Sauce Recipes

Menu Ideas

Making Smaller & Larger Batches

Trial Results

Terms' Breakdown

Thank You!

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