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  Cut open your chocolate gem!

Carefully remove the chocolate from its packaging.

Chop into chunks.


(Did you just sneak a small taste? I don't blame you because it's fire.)

Scatter and press down the chocolate chunks across the top of the batter.

!Caution! Don't fold them into the warm batter or they'll melt.

 On the middle rack:

8" dish: Bake for 40 mins.

8.5"-9" dish: Bake for 33-35 mins.

Let cool for min. 30 minutes to set. DONE! Enjoy!

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Congratulations! You've officially left everyone....

chocolate luxury.png
chocolate luxury.png
chocolate luxury.png


To ensure freshness, wrap your pan of brownies tight. If you like to individually wrap them, then feel free to repurpose the handled bag as storage! Please enjoy during the first 60 hours after baking. No preservatives are in the ingredients, so if they aren't wrapped, any cut edge will lightly dry to touch if left exposed to air.

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