There's an Idris Elba in the Culinary World, and You Probably Don't Know His Name.

The Oscars of the culinary world happen each year, and I'm specifically talking about the James Beard Foundation Award Ceremony!!!! Yes, clink clink clink! Grab a glass! This year was particularly exciting to witness because part of the winning circle made me feel like I jumped straight into WAKANDA-con.

Here are the heavy hitters that had me grinning from ear to ear to see all their hard work pay off with such high honors.

Let's start with 2 DOUBLE AWARD Winners!

1. Eduardo Jordan-

Chef/Owner of June Baby and Salare Restaurant in seattle, WA.


1. Best Chef Northwest for Salare Restaurant

2. Best New Restaurant for JuneBaby

Bon Appétit image.

**Also named one of the sexiest chefs in America! #winning

2. Michael W. Twitty - MAKING HISTORY!



1. Best Cookbook

"The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South" (Check it out below!)

2. Best Writing

One of the most transformative pieces of literature I've read in a long time. Order yours now! Click the image!

Continuing on to some more melanated winners...

3. Dolester Mills- Outstanding Pastry Chef

Highlands Bar

Birmingham, AL

***Coconut Pecan Cake Recipe bottom of blog post. I do not own this picture.

4. Jose Andres- Humanitarian of the Year!

He shut down some of his restaurants to zip down to Puerto Rico after the nation's power outage post Irma. Andres and his teams stayed down there, for months after funds stopped going to the island. #eljefe

5. Rodney Scott- Best Chef Southeast!

First african american to win for this region

Rodney Scott Whole Hog BBQ

Birmingham, AL

6. The sioux chef's indigenous kitchen- Award for American Cooking!

Native American Cookbook by Sean Sherman with Beth Dooley "committed to revitalizing Native American cuisine

7. Nina Compton- Best Chef South!

Compere Lapin

New Orleans, LA by way of St. Lucia.

8. Salt, Fat, Acid, & Heat- Cookbook for Best General Cooking

Written by Samin Nosrat

Teaching the basics of cooking through four essential elements of the kitchen.

So glad I got to celebrate this with all y'all. Also, definitely support the site and click these affiliate links and get these James Beard Award winning books!!!

Additional incredible articles and restaurant links from other notable winners...

Belinda Leong - Outstanding Baker, San Francisco

Pastry Chef of b. patisserie

Dominique Crenn - Best Chef West - San Francisco

Chef/Proprietor of Bar Crenn, Petit Crenn, and Michelin Starred Atelier Crenn

Nopalito: A Mexican Kitchen- Best Cookbook International Cuisine

Written by Stacy Adimando

Click the image to order this James Beard Award winner!

Eduardo Jordan on Hardship, Success, and Race in the Industry

Detailed literature on Jose Andres' work

Coconut Pecan Cake Recipe from Outstanding AL Pastry Chef

Who is Dolester Mills?

A day in the Life of Eduardo Jordan Running 2 Restaurants

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