Brownie Kit Style

HOLIDAY VDAY ORDERS = SHIMMERING ENVELOPE + WAX STAMP SEAL + 1 oz. LARGER CHOCOLATE GEM  (The love note you write will be inside.) Look through images to see style & size.


Yield: one 8" or 9" baking round or baking square pan. Order 2 kits for 9x13" experience.

Pantry items required for baking: Unsalted butter and large eggs 


TWO of the CEO's award-winning recipes combined to make the ultimate CHOCOLATE FANTASY experience! The specialty chocolates chosen represent 2 different % of cacao. The cocoa is rich, dark, and deep in flavor when baked. The kits are here to take you into the magic of chocolate that most rarely get to explore in a household setting. 


    Includes the brownie mix kit, scannable baking directions, reusable bag for overnight brownie storage, and all packed in a 100% recyclable mailer or USPS shipping box when ordering multiples. 



    French semi-sweet chocolate, Belgian milk chocolate, brown sugar, white granulated sugar, soft wheat flour, dark cocoa, kosher salt, espresso (Deluxe Pecans Kit comes with 3 oz. lightly toasted pecans 45-50 pecan halves) Kit 794 g

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