perfect selection!

Here's what you need:

equipment needed:

Greased round baking or square dish (not a 9x13 pan)

A small pot

Spatula or wooden spoon

Medium bowl

ingredients needed:

half stick (6 Tbs.) of unsalted butter

3 eggs (from the fridge or room temp.)


Preheat the oven to 375F degrees.


To a small pot on low heat, add a half stick of butter and the contents of Bag 1 together. Stir frequently until the majority of the chocolate is melted. A few chips left unmelted is fine.


Turn off the heat completely. Add the contents of Bag 2 to the pot. Stir to coat and combine.


To a medium bowl, add 3 eggs. **If the eggs are cold, lightly whisk to break up the eggs before adding other ingredients. Next, add the contents of Bag 3, and the contents from the pot. Stir everything together very well until real smooth and completely combined (~50-60 stirs). There should be no streaks of eggs and no clumps of dry ingredients remaining

Pour the batter in a very well greased round baking dish or into a muffin pan filled with cupcake liners for individual brownies. Bake for 33 minutes. Let cool for 30 minutes to set. DONE!

Congrats you've officially left everyone else...

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